The Pros And Cons Of Freedom In America

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“America is the single greatest force for peace anywhere in the world.” (Nixon) Originally America was an experiment to explore the ‘New World,’ Britain’s once colonist, and home to numerous American Indian tribes. Rebellious America belligerent from being enchained to Britain, taxed voluminously with no representation on the British Parliament, decided to rebel. Taking its first steps to freedom. Its first steps to individualism. To paving history. From Manifest Destiney to buying land from other countries, America continuously grows. Home to millions, today America is the third largest country in the world; relinquishing second place to its reluctant little brother Canada. America can’t have all the attention of the world at all times after…show more content…
The country that convinced Japan to enter the western world stage. The leader of the future. Technology advances in leaps and bounds every year, and while America’s not the best at making robots our drones are not meant to be dismissed out of hand. Then our medical field capable of replacing body parts, putting screws though bones, and fixing your eyesight. America is the leader in the War on Terrorism, the only country so far that decided to wage war with an ideal. America is apart of the founding fathers of both NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and the UN (United Nation). Both organizations are concerned for various countries and their effects on the world. America is the country that hosted the first world conference. They are the country who others look towards concerning economics, trade, and guidance on certain issues, such as terrorism. Even America’s pseudo ‘dad’ listens to what America has to say. No nation wants to be on young, powerful, and righteous America’s bad side. Among Americas notable inventions are atomic bombs, baseball, weapons, and Jazz. America is one of the only two countries in the world with Naval Super carrier ships, the only country with operatable super carrier ships. America has weapons that quite a few nations want, a sport that’s competitive to play, and a form of entertainment that is practically the epitome of one of Americas most important attributes; freedom. America is the leader of the…show more content…
An improvisational syncopation forceful rhythm to the tune of the world. Jazz changes with its players and adapts to the shifting sands of time, so to does America. An instantly recognizable name, which just goes with the flow and enjoys the beat of its drum. From its Native American days to its modern multiethnical days, America is always following its own beat. Jazz brought together a multitude of cities such as Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit etc... Young people were able to dance with no care in the world towards race, religion, or sexuality in the twentieth century. With its lack of rules and expectations, jazz helped unite the United States. Jazz doesn’t care about which ethnicity group or religious group someone’s in, jazz only cared about what someone did. Jazz is a symbol. Of freedom. Of African Americans. Of change. Of America. America is the free spirited, effervescent, accepting jazz of the

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