The Pros And Cons Of Food Farms

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If people would take a look at the nutritional facts located on the food labels, people would notice that many of them says “per serving” but many of them contain more than a serving. So people would consume more than what they think they would. I’m not here just talking about sugars, but Trans Fat as well. Besides, according to Dr. James Monroe from the Group of Health and Research Association, between 2000 and 2010 the obesity rates and food addictions in big cities in America increase about 44% compare to the previous ten years. Which means that one of the health issues that people in the United States are experiencing today is obesity. One reason why, could be the numbers of farms that there are per city. Since there are much less farms in the cities than in the open areas, people are more likely to get food at their nearest market store. Which is often manufacture food that could be…show more content…
We should stop food engineer completely, especially food manufacturing. Simply because we are literally damaging ourselves by adding unnecessary chemicals to our body (Bee). Food manufacturing endangers the environment by air pollution released by food factories. It puts people’s health at risk when it comes to health nutrition. I believe that we should look for other ways to grow our food naturally. One solution could be to build local organic farms in every community, so we won’t need to engineer food. By eating healthy people would lower the risks of obesity and food addiction. Besides we had survive and evolved for more than 7 Billion years to become what we are, just by eating natural foods. So people don’t necessarily need food factories to be the main food source. So organic farms with organic food could be the best way to stop the effects that food manufacturing. However, even though food manufacturing might play an essential role in our futuristic life by doing research on food but the outcome is even

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