The Pros And Cons Of Feminism

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Feminists are not angry lesbians who hate men. Feminists do not believe women are better than men, or that women deserve special privileges. They do not believe women are victims. To be considered a Feminist, the only thing you have to believe is that all humans, men and women, should have equal political, economic and social rights.
Over the years the true definition of Feminism has been warped by the media emphasizing the most radical and extreme views which depict feminists as man-haters who refuse to wear lipstick who put their noses up at stay-at-home mothers, and who unapologetically supports abortions on demand.
These false accusations have led to a number of anti-feminist campaigns such as the ‘Women Against Feminism’ campaign on social medias which consists of women taking a picture of
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What are the inequalities in the world?
We need feminism because when we get married, it is assumed that the woman will take the mans last name. Because when women are raped, they are asked, “What were you wearing?” or “Why were you alone?”
We need feminism because we teach girls that they shouldn’t be alone at night and they should take extra care when walking the streets instead of teaching everyone to care for each other and not assault or rape someone when they are alone.

We need feminism because women’s bodies continues to be examined under a microscope and women are penalized for not having the latest trend fashion or if they don’t wear make-up, because boobs are used to sell everything from soap to cars but if a woman breast feeds in public she is shamed on and sometimes kicked out of where she is, for feeding her
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