The Pros And Cons Of Feminism

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In 2013, the U.S. Current Population Survey and the National Committee on Pay equality recorded that on average women earn 65.3% of what Caucasian men earn. To break it down, white women earned 78 cents to white men earning one dollar, black women earned 64 cents, and Hispanic women earned 54 cents (The Wage Gap, By Gender and Race). Given this statistic, one could conclude that sexism and social stigmas that women face specifically because of their gender are still prominent in today’s society. The hindrances that women in the 1900’s faced are different than what women see today, but there are still similarities. Just like how sexism is still alive just as much as it was in the past, feminism is still alive. When one hears the word ‘feminism’…show more content…
Feminism is inclusive while misandry is exclusive, meaning feminism is for everyone and all type of women while misandry is really only for cisgender, meaning that persons sex and gender match, women. Feminists not only fight for the equality of the sexes, but also for equality of all genders, including transgender identities. Whereas misandrists have the belief that women are superior to men, this also means that misandrist women believe women who are cisgender are superior to women who are transgender since some transgender women may fall under the male sex. Feminism works to change gender roles, which don’t only apply to women but also men and people of transgender identities, misandry enforces new gender roles that are just as bad if not worse than the ones feminism is trying to rid society of. For example, misandrists believe that women should be the ‘primary bread winner’ of a family, in order to make the household live under a matriarchy, while feminism believes there should be an equal chance for either a man or woman to make the most money, or the same amount of money. Even then, feminism doesn’t follow the belief that the person who makes the most money in the house hold gets the right to dictate what others in the home do unlike…show more content…
Feminist ideologies benefit all genders including men, while misandry works to benefit anyone but a man. The idea that men have to be tough and emotionless, and care for their family on their own without any help, is something that feminism believes should be changed. To put it into context, a typical gender role that all people face is that women have to cook and clean the home while the man does all the hard labor. Because of this belief, in turn if a man likes to cook or do anything associated with women, he is teased and ridiculed. Feminism tries to break these roles, so not only does the women not have to live up to the expectation of being a ‘stay at home mother’ the man doesn’t have to be punished when he likes to do certain things. Just like gender roles, there are also sexual norms that feminism pushes to eliminate. For instance, in society men are expected to objectify women. This hurts women because they are only seen as sexual objects, and at the same time hurts men because if a man deviates from this he is instantly punished and ridiculed as if it makes him less of a man (Why Men Need Feminism Too). Another thing that feminism advocates for that benefits both sexes, is to create a legal system free of gender stereotyping. This can be found when a married couple with a child gets a divorce, and the court decides immediately the women in the marriage should have custody over the
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