The Pros And Cons Of Fame And Fame

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Fame and wealth used to be restricted to those with unique talent. Today, people can attain the fame they crave through scandals, social media, or simply being born into wealth. Celebrities illustrate this image of perfection and happiness when in reality they hold the same flaws as the average person. Society merely places them on a pedestal. Celebrity culture is when society glorifies certain people for having talents or attributes that society deems exceptional. Having fame, however, shares both pros and cons.
During the 1950's, celebrities helped teach morals and family values through television. As television grew more popular, these values were showcased throughout households in the United States. TV shows like "I Love Lucy" and "Leave It to Beaver" taught many lessons that portrayed the ideal American family. These included families who worked together and had loving relationships. Back in the day, people had to have talent to be known worldwide and earn celebrity status. These talents needed to be so extraordinary that society would remember and have interest in them. Today, people can be famous for being infamous. People can get famous for something such as being pregnant or being involved in a scandal. Social media has played a huge part in ordinary people finding fame. Social networks, such as vine and instagram, have led people to become “internet famous”. Social media allows teenagers to project a façade which allows them to create a fake identity, get noticed, or become famous. With these easy portals to fame, becoming a celebrity has become more about “likes” than a realization of true talent.
Celebrities come from all different fields of work. They can be fashion designers, reality TV stars, singers, dancers, ac...

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...partying can destroy a career and life. When in the spotlight, there is no such thing as a private life. Celebrities are often used for their wealth and stature. This causes trust issues and paranoia.
Celebrity culture is in our day to day lives. There is a huge impact of celebrity culture on society. Some people look up to celebrities as if they are some sort of god. Every action of the famous is known thanks to the media. Celebrities influence our lifestyle, fashion sense, behaviors, and even politics. They have the power to influence millions of people and should use their influence to benefit society by being aware of what they say and do. Because celebrities easily affect their fans, proper actions and statements are necessary in order to promote righteous values. The general public must remember to emulate the actions of the famous rather than the infamous.
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