The Pros And Cons Of Facebook And Facebook

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In this day and age, humans are online more than ever. The use of online social media such as Facebook and the use of search engines like Google are a part of daily life. Every one in thirteen people are Facebook users and the numbers are growing (Marche 69). Thanks to Google, people do not need to spend hours in a library looking for research. Now everything that someone needs to know is right at their fingertips. The online world is becoming a major role in everyday life, such as spending hours of browsing through endless amounts of information, socializing on Facebook, and, in general, making daily life easier and causing social and mental issues. Facebook and Google are two different things that can be found online that millions of people…show more content…
Instead of writing letters to far away relatives, people can message them of Facebook in an instant. Going to someone’s house or ringing their doorbell seems to be a thing of the past, now all that has to be done, once again, is sending them a quick message. Now talking to people that are seen only once in a blue moon, don’t have to wait to be talked to since they can be contacted at any moment, any day of the week on Facebook. Google has changed the way, in which, information is found. People do not need to spend hours in a library, looking for a book, then spending hours reading that book to find a small piece of information. News can instantly be communicated to millions of people in a few moments. Instead of reading a book, people can read small summarizations on it instead of spending days reading a book. Google and Facebook have revolutionized the way people communicate and find information.
In conclusion, Facebook and Google are similar and different in many ways. Facebook is used to keep in touch with people and Google is used to look up information. They are similar because they are both found online and millions of people use them. They can also cause loneliness and lazy people. People do not have to work as hard to find what they want or connect with friends and family. All in all, with the good and bad, they have improved just about everyone’s lives. Facebook and Google are here to