The Pros And Cons Of Facebook

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Nowadays, Social networks has become the most popular websites, especially in recent times has spread dramatically. People they want to keep in touch with their friends, family or classmates usually use these social networks like (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, tumblr and Instagram). This essay will specialize the topic of Facebook because it is the most popular among them. Facebook founded in 2004. Facebook is an ability to share information and gain knowledge also it is used for advertising and marketing. Facebook provide people to share their feelings, videos, blogs, interests and their pictures. Facebook has become the best way to find your old friends and other people you cannot found them. Since 2004 this site has gained over 175 million active users and is still growing. The controversy over Facebook leads to strong debates between people because there are both good and bad opinions to the site. Many people believe that the Facebook is harmful for the users, on the other hand people believe that Facebook useful to keep the socialization and keep in touch with people. Facebook has a several advantages like socialization, marketing and advertising.
Facebook has become the most popular way to communicate with people, because it is has become easier and not expensive. Facebook decrease face to face interaction because people has become holding their mobile phones all the time so there is now time to interacting with people. While there is people would like to contact with their friends or family through social networks rather than spend time socializing in person, on other hand there is some people believe that the Facebook improve the communication and it helps to expand the network of relationships of the individual social wit...

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... through Facebook. Some people believe that the adverting through Facebook not suitable because people uses Facebook for chatting and to keep in touch with their friends so it's hard to attract people to these advertising. While other people believe that the advertising through Facebook is a good way as it is easy to use interface, you can used images, you can clearly see your potential reach and you can think local.
Finally, social networks have become most popular websites, especially Facebook. Although there is many of people against it, while others support using Facebook, but no one can deny the benefits of Facebook in different aspects like socialization, marketing and advertising, and it's allow people with poor social skills to express themselves without being shy of social interaction, so Facebook in these days is one of the best ways of communication.
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