The Pros And Cons Of Euthanasia

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86% of people with terminal illnesses would rather be euthanized as their last resort to take away the pain. When you have a terminal illness, there is no cure for it, and it’s an inevitable death. In 2012 a study showed that 57,000 people with terminal illnesses were not told that their treatment had ended, and they were living in pain thinking they were still getting treatment (Morris). Considering legality, medical practice, and morality, euthanasia should be legal. Euthanasia can go two ways; active euthanasia and passive euthanasia. Active euthanasia is “ Willingly taking positive steps to terminate a life.” Passive euthanasia is “ Deciding not to take positive steps to prolong a life” (LawTeacher). An explanation of Euthanasia is basically…show more content…
Euthanasia is considered murder in the UK and a lot of other places. If a doctor or physician ever attempted or achieved euthanasia, they could get charged with attempted murder or even worse, murder (LawTeacher). Assisted Suicide is also a form of depression that you can get help for. Sometimes it depends on what care you are getting. Some people that have incurable diseases and are taken care of really well, almost never want to die. The medical care that they are receiving is eliminating their pain, not making it. People can look at us like a mixed message saying that suicide is O.K. and it’s just another option for others. They also believe that euthanasia is a cheaper option when it really is not…show more content…
This data pretty much tells you that if she were to get so bad, then they would start letting her die. It shouldn’t have to get that bad before they realize that she just wants to die.
Debbie Purdy had the Disease in 1995 which is Multiple Sclerosis. She was in a great amount of pain as the years went by. Debbie fought with the British Government so she could be euthanized. She even wanted her husband to help her die and he understood why. Debbie and the court went back in forth for a few months. The court said that if Omar would try to help her, he would go to jail. Finally, they granted her wish and she could go to Switzerland whenever she wanted to be freed of her pain (Friedman 48-49). Considering legality, medical practice, and morality, euthanasia should be legal. All in all, if a person ends up with a terminal illness and they want to die, they should have the right to choose their own pathway to death. It is not right for someone to step in as pretty much say you have to keep living in pain because it’s not ethical to be euthanized. It’s their life, not yours. Would you want to be euthanized if you were going to be in terminal
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