The Pros And Cons Of Euthanasia

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When we encounter an animal that is suffering immensely and has no chance at survival, the ethical approach is to euthanize it so that it will experience no more pain. When we encounter the same situation with a human, the situation becomes much more difficult to understand. On the one hand, doctors have taken a vow to not harm their patients but what if the patient himself is asking for a painless death. Is it the doctor’s responsibility to end their patient’s misery? Philosophers like Frances M. Kamm support the patient’s right to death without anguish because he recognizes the peril a prolonged death may bring a 〖patient.〗^1 On the other side of the spectrum, Paul K. Longmore recognizes the benefits of assisted suicide, but believes that minority patients (such as ethnic or elderly individuals) will find themselves pressured into a decision if such an option 〖existed〗^2. Leon R. Kass believes that in some situations,…show more content…
Terminally ill individuals must have a disease that is without cure and has a future laced with mental and physical degradation. This degradation could severely impact how an individual lives their life but does not necessarily mean he or she should be a candidate for euthanasia. The patient may be scared of what the future holds, but they need to have time to become accustomed to their new life. To ensure that the patient is truly dissatisfied with life, this is where the evaluation by a psychiatrist comes into play. If a patient is examined by a psychiatrist to determine their true will, we can eliminate pressures by family or societal pressures that could influence a patient to feel guilty for posing a burden on other people. These individuals who meet the criteria above should be given the option to choose death as an effective treatment to end their suffering, but they are not entitled to possessing the right to
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