The Pros And Cons Of Eugenics

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This paper overviews major ideas surrounding Eugenics including past, present, and future events that have shaped the human race. The first major sign of Eugenics started with the feeble Carrie Buck, who was sent to an institution for sterilization. But, it did not end there. As seen in Nazi Germany during World War 1, the national goal was to form a perfect race in order to exterminate individuals perceived as weaker links. Individuals such as Jews, and Homosexuals. History rewrites itself and Eugenics has been passed on, and is now used on prisoners and the mentally and physically disabled by the process of sterilization. The future of Eugenics, is now in the hands of scientists around the world about whether or not they want to pursue a potential social divide between the enhanced and natural born individuals, or let human evolution continue its work.

Keywords: Eugenics, Sterilization, and Extermination

Eugenics and Ethical Controversies Associated With Human Engineering Over the course of Global History, Eugenics has been used with and without the consent of the person involved. In the past, Germany used Eugenics in concentration camps, and
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The ability to be able to erase life altering genetic conditions such as Bipolar, Down syndrome, and Autism would increase the quality of life for countless people. However, it doesn’t come without a cost. Taking a natural process and making it scientific can lead to many irreversible issues like mass extinction due to a lack of diversity in human genetics. However, on a personal level as shown in the Bell v. Buck case, taking away the ability for an individual to conceive a child is a human rights violation. Speaking on the 2010 Sterilizations in prisons, Kelli Dillion, a Domestic Violence Advocated based out of Las Angeles, states “No one should have their opportunity to be a mother taken away or decided for them.” (Schwarz,
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