The Pros And Cons Of Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Embryonic Stem Cell Research!
Danielle Case
Baker College

Embryonic Stem Cell Research!
“In November of 1998, scientists reported that they had successfully isolated and cultured human embryonic stem cells a feature which had eluded researchers for almost two decades.”(The center for bioethics & human dignity, n.d.). This announcement kicked off an intense and unrelenting debate between those who approve of embryonic stem cell research and those who are opposed to it. “Some of the most prominent advocates of the research are scientists and patients who believe that embryonic stem cell research will lead to the development of treatments and cures for some of humanity’s most pernicious afflictions (such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, and diabetes).”(The center for bioethics & human dignity, n.d.). Among the most vocal opponents of the research are those who share the desire to heal, but who object to the pursuit of healing via unethical means. CBHD’s view is that because human embryonic stem cell research necessitates the destruction of human embryos, such research is unethical regardless of its alleged benefits. Ethical alternatives for achieving those benefits should be actively pursued.
What are human embryonic stem cells and how are they obtained? “Embryonic stem cells are cells that are produced either from adults or fertilized embryos.”(American life league, n.d.). They are the cells that are pretty much a child in its beginning stages of development. “They are also cells found in bone marrow and muscle tissue.”(American life league, n.d.). Stem cells can be obtained from different tissues all over the body. the reason why stem cells are so wanted is because they have the ability to repai...

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...atients. Have scientists been successful in using embryonic stem cells to treat disease? Embryonic stem cell tests have been reported to have a great affect on patients. But they have also ran into some problems with side effects. Could adult cells become embryonic stem cells. Scientist call this a game changer for stem cell therapy. “Which requires ordinary skin or blood cells to be bathed in a weak citric acid solution for 25 minutes.”(Devlin, 2014.). Should it not be ethical to allow the destruction of a few embryos in order to help the millions of people who suffer from diseases.“Embryonic stem cell research argue that it is actually wrong to protect the lives of a few unborn human beings it will help the millions who suffer.”(The center for bioethics & human dignity, n.d.). What do people believe to be positive or wrong about embryonic stem cell research.

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