The Pros And Cons Of Dr. Tom Shaw's Roundtable

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288 words

Dr. Tom Shaw’s roundtable made me more aware of the pros and cons with globalization. At the beginning of the event, he made us count off by twos, then he told the students who were number one that they were for free trade, and the number two’s were against globalization. The reason for this was to make us argue each side of the topic, making us more aware of how well this could turn out by continuing free trade or completely getting rid of it.
Some of the benefits of free trade would be, consumers receiving more items for cheaper prices and the companies would be making more profits since the consumers would be buying more, but if items would only be made in America, the companies would now have to pay the American people more money, yet it

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how dr. tom shaw's roundtable made them more aware of the pros and cons of globalization.
  • Explains the benefits of free trade, such as consumers receiving more items for cheaper prices, and companies making more profits, but if items were made in america, the companies would have to pay the american people more money.
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