The Pros And Cons Of Donald Trump

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Being the President of the United States of America is without a doubt, the most important job in American government. For someone to become the next President, they must earn votes from the public. The Democratic and Republican candidates go through a lot to make their mark on the voters. This year, as a Republican candidate, we have Donald Trump. Trump launched his presidential campaign on June 16, 2015. As an extremely wealthy businessman and television personnel, Trump’s run for presidency has shaken some people; but not everyone is against him. His favorable number of votes in the state elections give off the idea that Trump actually has a decent chance at winning the whole election. . The votes for elections always lead to predictions.…show more content…
In an article from Inquisitr, it starts off by saying that Trump is simply an attention seeker; but as his number of supporters grew, so did the chance that Trump can take the election. Now, Trump is seen as a front runner and is campaign is taken very seriously. With turning to six different polls for a prediction, two of the Republican pollsters “believe that the circumstances are so ripe for Republicans that Trump could win just on lingering resentment towards Barack Obama.” While Trump winning the presidency might not seem like such a terrible idea to some, others seem to believe that it could lead to drastic events for America. “Some of the most likely scenarios included an economic collapse or a major terrorist attack — none are outside the realm of possibility.” Pollsters from Vox, seems to believe that Trump predicting a terrorist attack could help him win the presidency. “His only shot to win in the general is the 'I told you so ' campaign, if there is a major, major terrorist attack," Amandi says. "In the casino magnate style that has always been his life and persona, he is betting it all on this one issue." And Trump already claims to have predicted
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