The Pros And Cons Of Directive Sex Education

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Additionally, comprehensive sex education programs are a way to educate young adults about right and wrong. A study by the American Association of University in 1993 stated that four out of five high school students have experienced sexual harassment (Lickona, 1993). Education is a powerful tool to teach young children between right and wrong. In the Havens, there is a confusion about what constitutes rape. According to the Havens, 77% of young men between 18-25 believed that having sex with someone who said “no” constituted rape. Due to this confusion, young men are looking more into porn magazines to gain information about sex (Cosslett, 2014). As schools only teach the bare minimal of staying abstinence, young adults are searching elsewhere…show more content…
Sexual remarks can be seen and heard everywhere in today’s society. Music, television, movies, and magazines are resources that can easily corrupt and be discovered by children through a push of a button. A child mind and body is consistently developing every day. Abstinence-only programs tell students to not have sex, but their body becomes curious as it develops. There are many people we object to giving directive sex education to young children because it can simply corrupt the young minds and are not the key to preventing sex between young adults. Family and Youth Concern director, Robert Whelan, states that people make claims of the benefits of comprehensive sex education, but the main determinant are family background and structure (Cornell, 2003). Comprehensive sex education programs are needed in school curriculum because it helps young adults mature appropriately through all the exposure. The study done by Kirby in Whitehead’s (1994) article states, “Once patterns of sexual intercourse and usage of contraception are established, they may be difficult to change.” Henceforth, it is important to educate young adults through the comprehensive sex education program at school. In Tobin’s (2001) excerpt, he states that children already began having sexual urges at a young age. As Freud has shown in his theories, adolescents must complete different stages throughout their childhood to avoid any fixation. Instead of repressing these sexual urges, the Nursery School Education (1939); by Wheeler and Earl; suggest that active curiosity to sex should be met with honesty. Any sexual fixation shown in the adult life can be traced back to the repression of the child’s curiosity (Tobin, 2001). Moreover, children can easily be scarred and fearful of their curiosity. The Nursery School Guide (1949) states that children who are yelled at for soiling or masturbating deem

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