The Pros And Cons Of Cyberbullying

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Anyone with a device that has Wi-Fi capabilities can easily log onto the internet and type in three simple letters; XXX. Typing in these letters will bring up thousands of databases filled with pornography, including that of virtual child pornography. The matter of using children as sexual objects is morally wrong, law or no law, virtually generated or not. To force children to perform sexual activities, even on camera is very harmful and a crime, even though the courts know this, the approval of virtually generated child pornography, has been approved for quite some time now because it supposedly does not put an actual child in harm’s way, yet it provokes sexual predators the idea to fantasize about children and/ or even persuade a sexual predator to seek out children to perform these sexual activities in person for them.…show more content…
Although Cyberbullying has yet to be established as a law, this type of act provokes people to act out in such ways leading to suicides, or public shootings. Cyberbullying tends to take on a life of it’s on; for example if an individual takes an unflattering picture of someone of virtually change a picture of someone and post it online and write some awful comments, then that individual is now exposed to not only one person bullying him or her, but possibly their classmates to bully them. Virtual child pornography is the same as cyberbullying; it is used for the advantage of one individual with disregards to another (by putting this person in harms way). Virtual child pornography sends more than one individual to attack that person even if

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