The Pros And Cons Of Cyber Security

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The internet, a powerful engine for growth and freedom, nations is, therefore, taking advantage of its enormous benefits. Since everything from military to systems to Smartphone-linked to the internet, however, bad actors are trying to steal from those targets has increased drastically. Hackers, compromise, take or destroy hundreds of billions of dollars in intellectual property and real money as well as assessing the critical military top secrecy from various nations, majorly the United States annually. The Congress and the senior members have taken no tangible and practical steps to counter this persistent and growing threat. One of the effective policies is sharing cyber security threat and vulnerability information between the private and…show more content…
Therefore, Cyber intelligence sharing and protection act are very significant because it allows the government, organization or companies free rein to bypass the existing laws to monitor communication and filter the content or even under extreme cases the online services shuts down for cyber security purposes. The threats could be; malware or compromised software, malicious or compromised hardware, insider attack or espionage, code injection, attacks that overload the resources or capacity of the systems such as distributed denial of service attacks and social engineering and phishing. Companies are encouraged to be aware of the threats and should share data with the legal authorities and with one another, and the government can distribute the data in return (Chen et al,…show more content…
The reason behind facilitating detection is due to the massive exposure of companies Microsoft services. The extensive and consistent cyber looting leads to huge losses of valuable property, sensitive information and some institution. The government should conduct cyber security activities to provide shared situational awareness which enables the integrated operational actions to protect, prevent and mitigate and recover the cyber incidence. Under the law, the bill also defines the cyber security as theft or misappropriation of private or legal information, intellectual property or personally identifiable information. This bill would trump all the existing privacy laws (Sharing, et al., 2013). Essentially, CISPA (Cyber intelligence sharing and protection act) would establish a whole new system for the sake of nations’ privacy legislation and policies and legalize extraordinary instructions into established privacy rights and civil liberties (Sharing,

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