The Pros And Cons Of Criminal Profiling

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Criminal profiling is a method that is used to investigate crimes by using validity and analysis of the crime and the criminal. In regards to the validity, benefits, and liabilities of criminal profiling Bartol & Bartol (2012) state that this is a method used to understand the individuals personality traits, behavioral tends, and the characteristics of an individual who commit the crimes. In regards to validity with criminal profiling is that there is room to make an error. As Bartol & Bartol (2012) mentions in the chapter there is a greater chance of an error depending on the key demographics of the subject they are trying to profile because it can cause a bias opinion when in fact the individual may not even be a race or gender based on what they have analyzed. Another aspect of validity which can be an issue would be the assumption or feeling that a specific type of personality or disorder played a role in the crime which is being analyzed. With this said it does not specifically mean that criminal profiling is at risk of not being a great tool but there are some risks that can lead the investigator down the wrong path to a dead end if not analyzed correctly without prejudice or bias opinion.

One can say that criminal profiling either can help or hurt a case depending on who chooses to discuss the topic but there are many advantages and disadvantages to use criminal profiling. With that said I will discuses first the two advantages that will help a forensic psychologist regarding criminal profiling. The first advantage is because as we know that crimes and criminals comes in all types of size, shape, gender, and reasoning but the issue is that many of those who commit the crime not always fit the norm. With that said as b...

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...arities depending on the crime or a copycat but there is always some tiny clue that cause a difference in person’s action so if one relies on criminal profiling to resolve a crime it can lead to the blame of a possible innocent person.
In conclusion I would say that though there are pros and cons with criminal profiling it is a time sensitive method of solving crimes that may need a closer. As a whole I am a one who thinks that if there was no criminal profiling there would not be bases on what the passion was for the crime or what type of individual would commit the crime. I can see how a bias opinion can affect the results regarding the validity of this method or the liability but there is a great benefit as it holds at least a starting point to solve a crime and take a criminal off the streets eventually before they may strike again either now or later in life.
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