The Pros And Cons Of Conformity In Society

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In society, authoritative figures tend to push conformity on others in both negative and positive ways. Sometimes these figures use the media to influence us or to establish standards. With the media people tend to label norms through whether they’re right or wrong. In labeling right or wrong we came up with the word deviance which is a person or thing departing from the norms. There is also social deviance which is “any transgression of socially established norms” (Conley, 2013, p. 189). There are two different sides of violating norms which could go from public nudity to murder. From deviance it can escalade further into what we call a crime. A crime is also the breaking of a norm but it also goes into the breaking of a law. Even with some norms being broken, they tend to not be as serious but there is still an impression of wrong. After the action, that person will be charged through their community by what they feel is right or wrong. Since there is differences the…show more content…
Canada in comparison has 165 incidents per year while the United States has 11,127 (Wikipedia, 2015). So what is so different about the United States compared to other countries? Moore searched to find out and in his researched he was amazed to see that Canada’s news media is totally different than ours. American news media tends to blow up stories more than they need to be or only shows the most violent ones. In doing so they avoided the real issues at hand with our country or other major problems. When speaking to Dick Hurlen, producer of cops, Moore asks why not make a show that shows what’s causing the crime and Dick later says “I don’t think it would make interesting reality TV” (Wikipedia, 2015). This means people would rather show violence instead of the truth for better

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