The Pros And Cons Of Computer Language

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Programming languages are the inner workings of computers, enabling them to accomplish all the amazing things they do today. From the apps on a phone, to the video games on a desktop, and even the operation of microwaves, computers are a major part of our everyday lives. Their languages are separated into five generations determined mostly by a specific radical innovation at the end of a time period that expands from the previous generation; however, these innovations are unique in that new generations don’t cause the previous generations to become obsolete. Generally labeled as levels of computer language, the generation of a computer language often determines how close to machine language (binary) it is, or how the higher and more recent…show more content…
Specifically, in order from first generation to last, the five generations are broken down into; machine language, assembly language, high level language, languages involving databases, and languages involving…show more content…
The increased amount of data stems from Moore’s law, the observation that the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles every year since its invention , and the increasing amount of storage for that data on databases. More data means more things to do with that data. Even the code for the fourth generation languages is closer to human language, allowing for people who may not even be programmers to understand the code’s meaning. In practice, the fourth generation languages are similar to third generation languages with the addition of their interaction with databases. The fifth generation is still an experimental generation that is relatively young. The two major aspects of fifth generation languages are that they work with artificial intelligence (AI) and support creating visual interfaces. Artificial intelligence is where the program solves a problem based on constraints given by the user or external stimuli, rather than a static group of instructions the programmer previously creates. Some current examples are the Google self-driving car, or to a lesser extent voice control on a

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