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Introduction This report is written for the research for Company XYZ and the findings on the use or ban of all employee owned devices including hand held (smart phones, tablets) and other technologies (personal computers, laptops) within company buildings and for company business In a time when humans are social beings, staying in contact with customers, employees and family member seems to be priority. However, there are some pros and cons why Company XYZ should allow or disallow personal devises to be used in the work place and/or for work purpose. Strength Employees who are connected to both family and customers are sure to provide innovated ways to improve on social media. Having happy employees benefits the workplace and should…show more content…
Management needs to feel that their input is needed and appreciated, therefore, an agency equipment should be distributed or employees should be allowed to use their personal equipment for work (laptops, iPhones, Blackberry, etc.) with the understanding that excess charges can be submitted for reimbursement. Therefore, a company that provides a Blackberry or an IPhone with internet services avoids any delays in how and when information is provided. In addition, if agency were to distribute, laptops, IPads, etc. should be issued with a contract as to the use and requirement while the equipment is in the care of employees. Technology is becoming a part of everyday necessity and Company XYZ needs to keep up with the changes and welcome employee’s suggestions and ideas in order to keep with the needs of customers. In order for a business to continue succeeding, “iPods, Blackberries, iPhones, Mac computers, and true work/life balance are at the heart of what the new generation of professionals requires in a work environment” (Root,

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