The Pros And Cons Of Community Policing

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Community Policing is a type of police that changed traditional policing in the late 20th century in The United States and abroad. In 1994 President Clinton created Violent Crime and Law Enforcement Act that allowed the COPS(Community Oriented Policing Services) program was created Congressional Digest February 2015. Listed in (Understanding Community Policing find source...) the ‘key three common features: police-community partnerships, a problem-solving approach and organisational decentralisation’.

Since 9-11 police have been moving towards homeland security Chappell 2009. Does Community Policing allow the police to keep homeland security a priority? Different police chiefs believe differently on this. Chiefs with 4 year degrees from
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New Yorks style of community policing had to do with order maintenance which was strongly criticized by Harcourt (1998) and others. There are some key differences from traditional policing and community policing, where tradition is prioritizing law enforcement , arrest and investigation. Community policing puts Society and quality of living as the main goal which can target the real issues of the society, Carter and Sapp(1994). Law enforcement, arrest and possible shooting of suspects is still a component but it isnt the high proportion of community policing. Making the citizens in the community feel safe and comfortable and even satisfied with the police is a goal, Wycoff and…show more content…
Both of these strategies want to fix the problem the community is having and not just wait for crimes to happen. This can use crime mapping and investigations in these areas which involved speaking with community member to get insight on what 's going on. Problem oriented policing still focuses on the crimes more than the community. The actual crime might not be the main concern of the community, this can make the community unsatisfied when the police believe they fixed the problem because they solved the crime but have not met the community 's

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