The Pros And Cons Of Communication

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Communication is the one key element of life that sets human beings apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. The human ability to communicate at a very refined standard has enabled us to build civilizations and to develop advanced technologies. Technology has undoubtedly advanced throughout the years and with particular groundbreaking inventions such as the Internet, smartphones and tablets our ability to effectively communicate in a formal and detailed manner has deteriorated. The means of communicating across the globe is now easily achieved with the touch of a button or the click of a mouse, with this effectiveness however comes the issue of the world, as we know it decreasing due to the rapid growth of technology. The traditional ways of socializing and expressing oneself in great detail are becoming a thing of the past and are rapidly being replaced by the growing technologically advanced products available to the every day consumer. It is argued that communication through technological means has its advantages such as speed and convenience but the disadvantages cannot be neglected, such as language misinterpretation and absence of context. Additionally it creates a digital division between members of communities, thus constructing a sense of isolation between family, friends and work colleagues.

With mobile phones, computer tablets and laptops growing in popularity with school students in particular, there are growing concerns for the use of grammar and punctuation techniques in schools or essentially lack of. Solomon Ali Dansieh (2011) writes “There is no doubt that text messaging has some impacts on the way children talk and write – some negative; others positive depending on the content and context.” The use of SMS me...

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...cial networking web sites like Facebook or MySpace. These sites not only form huge distractions to people's everyday lives but has also ultimately replaced direct socializing.

It is abundantly clear that communication technology has made people less effective communicators. Despite known advantages (i.e. how quick and easy technology can be used to interact with people across the globe) it is unfortunately beginning to replace face-to-face interactions. As more people turn to computer screens instead of one another the art of conversation weakens and facial expressions become a troublesome task. It not only causes digital divisions between third world countries and its citizens but also isolates users. Physical social interactions are heavily effected by technology and shouldn’t be over shadowed; communication is a specific attribute to the human civilization.
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