The Pros And Cons Of City Life

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City life is an entire different way of living than life outside of the city. Living in the heart of a major metropolitan city, I travel over 30 miles to work that some say is located in the middle of the Midwest cornfields. Life in the city moves at a faster pace. I find people often are walking quicker steps, seemingly to always be on a mission to get somewhere, usually in a hurry. Shopping at one of my city’s local big box food store, I find that most people are pleasant enough, but do not go out of their way to speak. They typically appear to be in their own world, in a hurry to purchase their good, so they can get to somewhere else. The store worker’s rarely make eye contact and sometimes tracking an employee down for assistance can be non-existent. On one recent visit, it took the store over 10 minutes to find an employee to assist me with acquiring an object in a locked cabinet.…show more content…
People seem nicer, and they seem to smile more freely. The cashier’s and baggers appear cheerful and not so rushed to get the customer through their line so they can get to the next. There have been instances where I have only had a few items and someone in front of me has offered to let me go ahead of them in line. I would be shocked if someone would offer to let me go ahead of him or her at my local city grocer. The military installation is not a small, sleepy community, but the environment is one that promotes fairness, politeness, and quality of life. I find that city grocer is more of get in, get one’s shopping done, and get out. The culture of the city is of a faster pace, but not entirely for providing a better quality of
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