The Pros And Cons Of Christopher Columbus Exploration

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Cultural trends
When the first people come to the Americas, they relied heavily on wild animal and plants. They are usually in small groups hunting and foraging. These people learned to use tools made from stone and wood. They also invented spear, the bow and arrow to make their hunting more sufficient. However, as the people continue to hunt and gather wild food, food becomes limited. People turned to agriculture, people began to domesticate crops and animals. These changes allowed these people to settle in one place rather than constantly moving around to find food sources. Since, people don’t have to spend hours and hours to find food, they have more time to spare. More time to spare allowed them to create thousands of artistic arts and architecture . As agriculture continued to rise, more food were available, the population increase drastically. Cities were formed and the system of government was also set up. Social class also was formed. The leaders of Indian tribes were usually the most wealthiest.Unlike many European countries, Native women were well respected, in some tribes, they were given the power in making the decisions.
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Columbus travels brought a tragic history of Native Americans, thousands of people were killed by the disease from the encounter. Native American homes were destroyed under Europeans control. Despite all the negativity of Columbus’ journey, advantages also appeared. For example, Columbus made communication and trade possible between Europe and the Americas. He brought tomatoes, chocolate, potatoes, corn, green beans, peanuts, vanilla, pineapple, and turkey to Europe which had transformed the European diet. In return, he introduced sugar, cattle, pigs, glovers, gingers, cardamom and almonds to the Indians. Columbus’ journey had complete transformed Native American lives in some good ways but however, it had left a tragic imprint in Native American
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