The Pros And Cons Of Christopher Columbus

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Since the beginning of the 1500’s new concepts and new societies have emerged across the Earth. All of these new empires and nations appear to have been sparked with the founding of the “New World” by Christopher Columbus. Although many nations inherited many good things through trade and cultural interconnections, many contained corrupted experiences from these new connections, but in result, all the occurrences made the world interconnected between nations. Christopher Columbus set sail in 1492 to find a quicker, more efficient trade route with China; however, he miscalculated and ended up in the landed in the Bahamas. Although this would turn out to be an astounding discovery, it was mainly viewed as a failure during the time. With this expedition, Columbus opened brand new trading options. Columbus also, however, opened new pathways for disease. In Columbus’s journals that he established during his expeditions, he writes about how “… All of them go as naked as their mothers bore them…”(Sources from the Past p 474), this sparked an idea of trade in Columbus’s mind. Since the natives there did not wear clothes, he would be able to trade those clothes…show more content…
Alfonso D’ Albuquerque – who was leader of Portuguese forces – sent off sixty war boats in attempt to intercept ships that had explored into the port of Hormuz. The biggest battle during the time, much like today, was the battle to stay militarily advanced. Forces back then were not highly skilled in the art of war, so various problems occurred during the battle for the port of Hormuz. During the battle, a heavy smoke had lifted and caused confusion for both forces in the battle. When the smoke lifted, however, Alfonso would become aware that his crew had won the battle. In this battle, as the smoke was bad for the forces, it ended up being helpful to Alfonso because of his

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