The Pros And Cons Of Child Maltreatment

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Child Maltreatment is generally defined as any acts brought upon by a parent or caregiver of a child that results in harm or potential for harm. Child Maltreatment includes physical, sexual and emotional abuse, and neglect. When a child exhibits signs of any form of abuse it typically becomes the responsibility of Child Protective Services to remove the child from their home and place them in foster care. However there is a controversy on whether removing the child from their home or if family preservations are best for the child than taking them out and placing them in foster care. The family is the ideal place for children to be raised. Family Preservation should be the first step in dealing with family discrepancies involving a child. It…show more content…
The mother was told that the baby was dehydrated and needed to be supplemented with formula. But since she denied using the supplement, her pediatrician told her to take the baby to the ER room. When the mother did not check into the hospital, child protective services were called, she was then arrested, charged with neglect and removed from custody. After five months the case was dismissed and she regained custody of her son. In the case, the mother was mother was guilty of neglect because she was constructed to take the newborn to the ER immediately but failed to do so. According to the article instead of taking her child to the hospital, she went to the supermarket to buy soy-based formula and get a second opinion from another doctor. The mother is not wrong for wanting a second opinion and wanting to provide a another alternative food choice, but giving that the baby was dehydrated and was told to go to the ER, she should have taken care of her child’s emergency then took care of her personal agenda. Were officials wrong for charging her, no they were not. She could have avoided the charges if she went straight to the ER and discussed her plans with either her pediatrician or someone at the
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