The Pros And Cons Of Cheating

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"What is wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it. What is right is right, even if nobody is doing it." Whether or not a group of people are doing the wrong thing, the action will always be wrong. In any case, cheating is simply not a moral thing to do. Yet, many people do it anyways. A person will figure that they won 't get caught. Cheating can happen in a relationship, on a paper or exam. The severity of the wrongdoing depends on what the person did. At some point, mostly everyone will question will ask questions on whether their action is wrong. In most ethical issues, it 's either a white or black area. What someone sees as an action that is completely innocent, another may view it as unethical. Critical thinkers will often justify…show more content…
If a person does a terrible action, then they will come up with an excuse. An example would be a boyfriend who believes that something is going on between his girlfriend and her friend. The girlfriend has two decisions: either be careful with her actions or flirt more with her friend. The second action would technically be fighting fire with fire. Since the boyfriend is essentially accusing the girlfriend of having an affair, the girlfriend may try to make his accusations right. Rationalizations like these can often cause problems in a relationship. Problems that weren 't even there in the first place. Critical thinkers would think about what they value most and whether or not their decision will be worth the…show more content…
If there’s tension in the air, then that could possibly indicate a bad decision. I experienced this last Friday. My boyfriend had to go to the tutoring center to work on two assignments. The tutor that I’m good friends with was working at the same time. So, the two were in the same room together. I had a small panic attack because I noticed that my boyfriend was in the main tutoring room and the tutor was nearby. My boyfriend already doesn’t like him so being in the same room with both of them was definitely awkward. But, it made me realize my actions with the tutor. Every week, he and I would spend four hours of alone time together and some interesting topics would come up. I felt some guilt when they were in the same room. It’s not kissing, but it doesn’t make the decision

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