The Pros And Cons Of Cheap Labor

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Cheap labor

U.S.《 Forbes》 on January 17 published an article ,and its original question : the end of cheap labor in China , jobs are gone ? Globalization makes Apple , GM and other large companies have chosen to set up factories in countries with lower labor costs the most . In the past , China has always been their first choice . But now , the Central Kingdom is losing dominance , because labor costs can not be as cheap as before . Since 2010 , China's manufacturing costs rose an average of about 16% annually , more than any country in the world . Rapidly aging population , higher worker productivity is the main reason for rising .

We should find out the rode leader is cheap labor.And this article we will talk a lot about cheap labor.

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After China's reform and opening up , China has become cheap labor advantage of Chinese economic

development , for decades , it is this cheap labor , and promote China's rapid development over the past 30 years . But I think when this advantage into full play , but not in time realizes the benefits of the transition time , and today , cheap labor has become China's biggest disadvantage , it begins to hinder the further development of China .

China's labor force is taken for granted purely natural and human resources is suppressed to the bottom line of simple reproduction , which is absurd ignorance plant depreciation costs , including workers ' physical exertion , reduced wages , increasing to labor strength , work longer hours , to avoid social insurance , reducing the investment of / in the environment , perfunctory responsibility for training , even small cuts in tight economic order . This will force a lot of cheap labor to be liberated , and find another way of life , so there will be some staff shortages in some business and labor mobility . Furthermore , cheap labor and unfair labor remuneration is because the old system of management and price limits , there is lack of environment of fair competition rules and different occupations , departments , enterprises and regions . Laborers Share the game is not fair opportunity and treatment . As a result , it is likely to cause unprecedented and unfair to
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