The Pros And Cons Of Careers In Criminal Justice

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Every day in the world many people wake up doing things to help others, but there’s at least 3 million people in the criminal law field (Careers in Criminal Justice,2014) that risk there life to help others and make the world a safer place. Whether you choose to purse a desk jobs or a front line job in the criminal law field there are many challenges people are faced with. Some of the challenges consist of being assaulted, exposed to life threatening things, and being alone in life. It takes a lot to choose a career when you know there are many challenges, but doing so because it benefits others. Working frontline in the criminal justice field you face the risk of being physically and verbally assaulted. In the year of 2012, there were at…show more content…
While studying at Anderson University I had many things brought to my attention dealing with corrections and working as a police officer. My previous professor Mr. Anderson worked as a corrections officer for over 7 years. Throughout the many years he witness many people to get assaulted and was even assaulted himself. People are confined in small areas making it a very hostile environment. Over the years he stated that he experienced many inmates that did not like to follow orders. They feared being seen as soft in front of peers. To be seen as soft can result in others loosing respect from you. In the Corrections system without respect you have nothing. In one instant Mr. Anderson stated he was assaulted due to talking to inmate in a certain way in front of his peers. The inmate needed to save face, so he assaulted him. This all boiled down to him being assaulted for him doing his job. He stated after this experience he learned to give the inmates time to react to his commands and not belittling them. With studying criminal justice I learned you may also be verbally assaulted every day when performing your job.
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