The Pros And Cons Of Breastfeeding

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There are various different views regarding breast feeding around the world and article one and two portray these views precisely. This argument questions whether breast feeding is really best for your baby and the varied reasons that there are people on either side of the debate. Key facts in article one are based on the idea that women who chose not to breastfeed are twice as likely to suffer with depression and that you are unable to get loyalty points from big organisations if you breast feed. There are also factual studies by scientists that have done research on discordant siblings and found that there is no significant different between breastfed and bottle fed children. Throughout article two there are many more figures than in…show more content…
However starting with an alluring scientific fact, the article then immediately challenges this with, stating that people that chose not to breastfeed are twice as likely to suffer with depression. This then allows the reader to question their own opinions and get an easy understanding of the argument before continuing with the article. As the article resumes the author states how some women are so brainwashed into breast feeding they don’t realise the harm that it causes. This is reinforced by the story of Charlotte whose mother ‘would pump eight times a day and in total get 10ml of milk’. Charlotte was also ‘so dehydrated and jaundiced that she had to be moved to another ward for…show more content…
This creates a vulnerable image in the readers mind and directly relates breast feeding to suffering. An example of an opinion falls at the end of the first story, ‘I felt like it had gone from ‘breast is best’ to ‘breast is the only healthy option and anything less you might as well be feeding your child rat poison’. In my opinion there is so much bias and pressure towards breast feeding, if a woman is physically unable to breastfeed then it leads her to feeling as if she has failed and further developing depression. Due to this I believe that the only reason women may be later diagnosed with depression is because of the pressure from the media and medical practitioners. I concluded this from the fact stated on page 3 of article 1 ‘In Britain the official line on breastfeeding is that all new mothers should do it exclusively for the first 6 months’. The statement then continues with stating you can’t get loyalty points on bottle milk, putting formula milk in the same life threatening, dangerous category as
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