The Pros And Cons Of Breast Milk And Formula

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Choosing the method of feeding for your newborn might be the most tough and crucial decision you could ever make. The choice to feed your infant breast milk or formula relies utmostly on mom 's lifestyle, medical conditions, and her level of comfort. Breast-feeding should be the number one choice for mothers being that it exceeds basic nutrition for babies. Ultimately, breastfeeding has advantages for both mother and child. To start, breast-feeding provides more nutrients and vitamins than formula. Only breast milk provides special antibodies that keep infants protected against illnesses. Breast-fed infants are less likely to have ear infections, respiratory infections, diarrhea, and digestive problems. Choosing to breast-feed your child also has some advantages for the future, breastfeeding safeguards against diabetes, asthma, and even obesity. Mothers breast-feeding can also have lower risks of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. The question is, why wouldn 't you breast-feed? I have a ten month old little boy who has…show more content…
Although, formula isn 't "bad", I just feel that breastfeeding should at least be attempted to achieve. Choosing to feed your baby formula should not make you have mommy guilt. A lot of mothers choose formula because it 's just less stressful. Its convenient as well, being that anyone can take part in your baby 's feedings. It is very flexible, being a busy mom you can just drop formula off with your baby at a daycare or grandma 's house. Pumping breastmilk also wouldn 't have to interfere with your work or school schedule. On the downside, it is well written that formula is going to lack those antibodies needed to keep baby protected against infection. Formula is going to be more expensive since you have to constantly keep buying it. Constipation and gas are also possible effects from feeding your baby

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