The Pros And Cons Of Binge Drinking

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West Hills College Coalinga has 29 percent of its students aged nineteen 1 and under a lack of places of amusement. With little else to do, these students turn to parties and illegal substances. A combination of this and poor time management causes students to get behind in their studies, perform poorly in sports activities, adds the risk of overdosing, and increasing impulsive behavior. “People 18-25 make up twenty percent of the population that use illegal drugs.”(Carl, p. 159) “In 2009, the National Institute on Drug Abuse did a study and found that 25 percent of high school seniors had been binge drinking in the past two weeks of study.” (Carl, p. 160) The amount of students who exhibit this pattern of underage drinking take it to college and that number increases in college due to reduced rules caused by little to no parental supervision. The pattern of binge drinking in college is viewed as a necessary rite of passage and brings with it unnecessary risks like alcohol poisoning and a greater chance of personal injury due to inebriation. In addition to the large amount of distraction from studies, abuse of drugs and alcohol may also lead to destroyed relationships and personal injury. Students who have anger problems are more likely to be unnecessarily rough with each other at parties,…show more content…
Hanford, the closest bigger city, is still 45 minutes away and requires a good amount of gas to get there and back. Students who would normally take the time and gas to go out to the city instead spend their money on buying alcohol and drugs. The school’s international programs allows for several excursions for a low cost to places like Hanford, San Francisco, and Gilroy. In the worst case scenarios, students are caught with these substances, get kicked out of the dorms, overdose on drugs, and/or get alcohol

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