The Pros And Cons Of Bill Gates And Microsoft

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In 1975 Harvard University Undergraduate Bill Gates and his childhood friend Paul Allen had jobs as consultants in the mainframe/minicomputer programming field in Seattle, Washington. After reading a magazine article on the new “Altair 8800,” minicomputer. Gates and Allen were inspired write the BASIC programming language to run the system. After completing the first computer language program for a personal computer, Gates and Allen sold it to the manufacturer, MITS of Albuquerque. Bill Gates would end up leaving Harvard for a little bit to start working on a software venture called “Micro-Soft.” ( Then in 1976 Gates and Allen registered the trademark “Microsoft.” Angry at computer hobbyists, Bill Gates would then write an open letter, accusing the…show more content…
During that summer, Microsoft creates Internet Explorer as part of Windows 95. Bill Gates would then begin to take Microsoft’s focus toward the Internet ( In May of 1998, the U.S. Justice Department charges Microsoft with engaging anticompetitive and exclusionary practices designed to maintain its monopoly in personal computer operating systems and to extend that monopoly to Internet browsing software. People such as Twenty state attorneys general and the district of Columbia would file an action that was merely the same thing. In October, the Department of Justice sued Microsoft for violating a 1994 consent decree, by forcing computer makers to include its Intenet browser as a part of the installation of Windows software ( In 1999, Gates would become more viewed on television when the television network “TNT,” aired a made-for-TV movie about the emergence of “Apple,” and Microsoft called “Pirates of Silicon Valley.”. Also in 1999, following a trial that lasted 30 months, a judge would find Microsoft in violation of the “Sherman Antitrust Act,” and ordered the break up of the

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