The Pros And Cons Of Being A College Athlete

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Being a college athlete requires, year-round dedication. In order to be a college athlete, one must be willing to not only put time and effort in on and off the field, but in the classroom as well. Student athletes attend between twelve and twenty hours of class each week, and they are required to put in much time with practice, daily and games whenever they are held. College athletes can put in around twenty to sixty hours of practice a week, even during the off-season. After sports seasons begin, almost all of a college athlete’s time is spent dedicated to their sport, while somehow trying to maintain time to study, eat, sleep, and stay healthy. Arguments have gone on for many years about whether or not college students should be added to…show more content…
Between class, keeping up with their studies, participating in multiple practices and games per week, it is very hard for a college athlete to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Not to mention, these students have little time to sleep, eat, or even maintain a part time job, so that they can earn even a small income. Even though these college students receive many athletic scholarships and do get benefits like athletic apparel and fame for being a college athlete, they have no time or money for themselves. There are many pros and cons to adding college athletes to the pay roll, but does the good really outweigh the bad? The debates will continue to rise on the pressing issue of whether or not college athletes should be paid any further than the scholarships they receive. Adding college athletes to the school’s payroll is definitely something that can happen, just maybe not anytime in the foreseeable…show more content…
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