The Pros And Cons Of Audienc Vaccines

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The readers of my paper vary from demographics, it is intended to be read mainly by biology and health students, but it also includes parents of young children from all backgrounds, though they are a secondary audience. Students read my paper so that they a have a grasp on a how their field is applied in the real world and the complications that result of implementing it in a certain fashion. My readers likely understand the fundamentals of how vaccines are supposed to work, and they understand the necessity of being immunized, many if not all would favor having a completely immunized populous, resulting in elimination of diseases. Both me and my audience will be knowledgeable on the microbiology field, they are able to understand the basics of how a disease works and how it get transmitted. If any disagreement occurs, it will likely be of the radical method I am proposing to further immunize the population, many will try to suggest other methods to immunize the population more effectively. Since my readers are in the biology and health profession I want them to be in the shoes of a doctor or any other health person, this is so that they are able to explain to the parents why vaccines are necessary and try and persuade the parents to immunize the child, the…show more content…
This movement fears that their children will contract Autism through vaccines. Should vaccines be optional and left to the parents who without a doubt care deeply for their children? On the other hand should the proven scientific evidence outweigh the emotion for the parents, to create a immune population? Both choices have grave impacts, forgoing the rights of the parents would lead to outcry from the parents, while forgoing the scientific evidence and letting vaccines be optional would result in children being unvaccinated, and would lead preventable

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