The Pros And Cons Of Assisted Suicide

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Looking at the side of those who are for assisted suicide you can understand why it could be a good idea to have this option. If somebody is terminally ill, they do not want to go through all the excruciating pain, and their loved ones don’t want to see them go through it. When somebody is diagnosed with a disease they know they have little control on how their life will play out, most people understand that what they have been diagnosed with, will end their life. To give a patient a sense of control and the chance to have a dignified death, assisted suicide gives them this option. The right to die should be as basic as those to marry, to have kids, or the right to refuse medical treatment. Patients deserve the right not to be forced…show more content…
The decision to keep a family member going should not be up to those who have no relation to the patient. It is a major decision emotionally and financially to decide another person’s life. The government should not be able to tell them when they stop doing all they can and forcing a life to go on that doesn’t want to. By assisting death does not mean that the patient isn’t receiving the best care they could possibly receive, but it shows that we respect and care for the patient to allow them this last dignified request. Before they allow a patient to die though, they must discuss all palliative options they have to offer with the patient, and if the patient allows them to, try before they allow the patient to request assisted…show more content…
Although healthcare is making sure no money is wasted, with physician-assisted suicide they can save so much more. A concern may be that those who are of a disadvantaged population, such as the elderly or disabled, would be targeted among patients who choose assisted suicide, but studies have shown that the vulnerable aren’t any more likely to receive physician-assisted suicide than anybody else. The group that that used the assisted suicides the most were young white men. Legalizing assisted suicide won’t lead to a place where everybody is murdering each other, life is cheaper, or death is meant to be easy. In the Netherlands approximately 3,000 people seek to be euthanized which is only 1.7% of all deaths. About 2/3 of patients who apply for assisted suicide are denied. They made the process difficult to prevent it from being an overused treatment. On the other side of the spectrum are those against physician assisted suicide. It is understandable why somebody might be against the idea. The laws against assisted suicide are there to prevent abuse and protect people from a sinister doctor or others. The law isn’t there to force patients to suffer. In addition, the forbidden act of killing patients is the first promise of self-restraint of the Hippocratic oath. They aren’t allowed to view the patient’s choosing death,

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