The Pros And Cons Of Assisted Suicide

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Assisted Suicide Assists the Terminally Ill Waiting, suffering, pain, and death. These words constantly flow through the minds of people lying on their death beds. Some have cancer or life threatening diseases while others just wish they were not alive and want their lives to end. In today’s world, too many people encounter these life or death situations. Because of this, a controversy over assisted suicide has grown all over the United States. Assisted suicide, the “termination of one’s own life by the administration of a lethal substance” with the help of a physician, has been passed and made legal in a few states such as California and Oregon; however, other states are weary and unsure about passing such a disputed issue. While some people…show more content…
These natural ways of dying are granted to people. While people are allowed to end their life naturally, ending one’s life through assisted suicide is seen as unethical and illegal. Why are people allowed to take their own life naturally, but they aren’t able to with the help of a physician? Both ending one’s own life naturally and through assisted suicide are both a form of suicide. Natural and assisted suicide are both ethical for dying patients. Having a terminal diagnosis is a devastation situation to encounter, so giving these people the opportunity to end their life is a right that they…show more content…
People knowing that their health will not improve and will arrive at their death should be given the right to an assisted suicide. Harmful or attempted suicides that result in severe damage can also be prevented by letting those with physical suffering end their life by the help of a physician. Even though assisted suicide is illegal in most states, it is generally ethical. Assisted suicide needs to only be administered and considered moral for someone who has a terminal diagnosis and wishes to die gracefully in order to relieve their pain. Suicide is not normally something that should be deemed acceptable, but since suicide with assistance can help the terminally ill, it needs to be seen as ethical for the sake of the less fortunate with a deadly
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