The Pros And Cons Of Assisted Suicide

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The term suicide means the killing of oneself. It is also known by the following synonyms or hyponyms: assisted suicide, felo-de-se, self-destruction, self-annihilation, seppuku, suttee, or hara-kiri. Similarly, assisted suicide is defined as the act of intentionally giving assistance or even encouraging an individual to commit or attempt to commit suicide. Many people consider suicide or assisted suicide are terminating one’s own life due to various psychological, financial, familial, communal, etc. reasons. Whether it is the person’s will or with the assistance of someone else (e.g., physician), he/she would rather be kill him-/herself prior to his/her natural death because of their severe depression, mental problem, continual suffering, or long term pain brought about by various highly negative conditions (Ganzini, Goy and Dobscha). Given such scenario, defenders of suicide or assisted suicide advocate for the basic human rights of all people, not only of life, liberty, and property, but also death (or “right to die) (Grish). They insist that killing oneself or with the assistanc...
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