The Pros And Cons Of Assisted Suicide And Euthanasia

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Assisted suicide and euthanasia are phenomena developed in the past 20 years. They’re similar to each other because they both have to do with taking away another human being’s life. While assisted suicide is defined as the act of providing a drug prescription or lethal dosage to a patient by a physician and the person can decide when to take the dosage, euthanasia is the practice of killing a sick individual where a physician takes an active part on the process. PAS and euthanasia are legal in Belgium, Colombia, India, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Oregon, Washington , Montana and Vermont. For years a debate on assisted death has been going on. There are groups who believe it should not be charged as murder and there are others who believe it should. In this essay the reader will be introduced to some of the main reasons why a government pass a law to make them [PAS and euthanasia] legal. Assisted death should not be legalized because there are cases when it is hard to determine if it is murder or assisted suicide. This, because it is very similar to homicide. The difference between them lies on the reasons which push someone to end another person’s life. The Kenneth Minor case is one of the most popular cases in which the difficulty to make the difference between a murder and assisted suicide has grabbed the public’s attention. In 2009, Minor, a drug addict with criminal records, insisted he helped Jeffrey Locker, a public speaker, to commit suicide in order for his family to get nearly $16 million in insurance policies. Locker’s dead body had been stabbed to death. Minor even claimed he held the knife while Locker thrust his chest upon the knife. Then evidence came out that Locker had faced economic problems befor... ... middle of paper ... ... each other that life’s worth living and worth fighting for. They should never deal with the problem of suffering by eliminating those who suffer. The legalization of physician assisted suicide and euthanasia is a big step. Actually, it is a huge freedom. The problem with it is that human society is not ready to deal with such liberation. Statistics have shown that humans find it hard to manage it. Doctors might abuse with their power, individuals might make a wrong decision and things might get out of hand. If this happens some of the possible consequences are the death of thousands of patients by involuntary euthanasia, the abuse of vulnerable people or a damaged doctor- patient relationship. Does the society need to take this risk when the history of the past years shows that the assisted death procedure does not function properly? Are the people ready for this?
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