The Pros And Cons Of Artificial Intelligence

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Every day devices such as computers and calculators are artificial intelligence, but the ethically questionable devices are located in a much more advanced field. Many believe that artificial intelligence, or AI, poses threats to society, including a breach of privacy, a reliance on technology, and even the downfall of society. The thought that the future will be grim and unpleasant due to technological mishaps is displayed in films such as iRobot. Films like iRobot bring forth the idea that computers may lead to the downfall of society. Although there are many more advantages than disadvantages in AI, there are still some potential threats such as AI malfunctions. Insight on the concept of “man vs. machine” will be a large role in controlling the advancements. The acceptance of AI is the primary intent of providing ethically sound information. Despite growing fears against AI, artificial intelligence is not a question of unethical humanity but one of scientific advancement, which will produce the ability to reach an alternative to human labor. The field of AI advancement was founded on the campus of Dartmouth College. The morality of AI has since then been questioned due to the fact that most fear a robot revolution i.e. iRobot. Assessing the surrounding, finding the most logical action to take, and taking that action is what these machines are programmed to do. AI is made to achieve what humans can’t, like locating oil deep underneath the Earth, finding the most profitable stocks to invest in, or even exploring the deep realm of space. The purpose of AI is to allow humanity to extend it’s reach and discover the undiscoverable through the use of “artificial intelligence programming methods that permit more realistic and robust si... ... middle of paper ... ...urious lives through advanced simulation. The ethical issues brought about by the creation of machines that have intellectual means outlying those of humans are unique from other ethical issues because there are few topics that include the implantation of human-like abilities in non-human devices. However, there is a common misconception about the embodiment of human-like abilities in AI because emotion does not influence their decision-making process. Superintelligence uses a step-by-step process to reach an answer and thus an action. AI systems are revolutionizing the world and AI’s intellectual superiority will give humanity capabilities that were once thought to be impossible. A breakthrough in superintelligence allows for humanity to reduce the need for manual labor by replacing it with automated labor, which is big progress in the search for human proficiency.
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