The Pros And Cons Of Animal Testing

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Everyday animals are being used and abused for the benefits of humans. They are put through a series of humiliating and painful tests. Laws try to reduce the use of animals in substance experimentation, however these laws have yet to completely eliminate the testing. Animal experimentation is on its way to becoming part of the past. New ways of research are continually developing and laws are beginning to crack down on the restriction of animal use. Thankfully, with technology advancing at such a rapid rate there may be a day in the future where animals are no longer test subjects. Until that day comes, animals should only be used for experimentation, provided there are absolutely no other alternatives. Animal experimentation is the use of animals in research or projects involving different foods, drugs, or other substances. Many times the animals are put through multiple, excruciatingly painful, and often fatal tests. “According to existing testing regulations, animals are fed or injected the substances in question; in other cases these are applied to the skin, eye or other organs, or the animals are to inhale them” (Kolar). For example, “The drug MPTP, has become the preferred toxin to induce Parkinsonism in laboratory animals” (Philippens, Hart,Torres). Marmosets are typically used in this…show more content…
This can be done if everyone against animal testing comes together and takes a stand against it. It takes more than just a few organizations to make a difference. There needs to be more proof of the negative effects of the animal experimentation. This can be done by getting communities involved and showing people the severe outcomes that develop from animal testing. More precise laws protecting animals and their rights need to be passed in order to get anywhere. There are substitutes for animal testing out there, unfortunately not everyone is using them or is knowledgeable of these

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