The Pros And Cons Of Animal Testing

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Animal testing can be very productive for humans, yet from a more humane perspective, it destroys the lives of innocent creatures and ignores the numerous alternative testing options.
There are some positives to these otherwise harmful procedures. Testing helps to determine the safety of most drugs and even some cosmetics. In animal testing, scientists need to know how the compound affects all the organs and not simply one part of the body (Blue). Animals play quite an important role in early signals of how a human might react to a substance. Animal testing helps develop new medication and treatment for specific medical issues. “Not a week goes by without news of a lab breakthrough” as said by Laura Blue in the event of animal experimentation. In some cases, animals are beneficial to humans because they reduce the harm that can come upon those involved in human testing and can also save many lives.
The negative effects of animal testing greatly outweigh the positive outcomes. Animal testing is always harmful or deadly to the animals within the experiments. It can cut short the lives of numerous innocent creatures. “3.8 million Scientific procedures were commenced last year and seventy-one percent did not use any anesthesia of any kind” (Knight). Research proves that animal tests are in fact inhumane and these experiments are, in most cases, unhelpful for humans. For example, animals have proven penicillin to be deadly and aspirin dangerous (Overton). Ninety percent of the medication that is approved for humans by animals are later determined to be harmful or ineffective for humans (Overton). Also, drug reactions are significant in hospitals as the cause of many deaths for humans (Knight). These procedures can induce stress within...

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..., chemicals, and other products. Also, a system was created to use human cells to make a tiny human immune system for testing the safety and effectiveness of HIV and AIDS vaccines. This system is much faster than animal testing.
Animal testing is an inhumane atrocity which should be replaced with safer and more effective methods. Through the reduction and expulsion of such testing, researchers will save extreme amounts of time in the process of experimentation. Society too, will be benefitted, in that people will have an easier conscience knowing that animals are not being tortured for the sake of knowledge, when there are numerous alternative, more valid test options. In conclusion, though at first glance, animal testing is seen as beneficial to humans, it does not accomplish more positive than negative outcomes, therefore, animal testing should never again be used.

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