The Pros And Cons Of Andrew Jackson

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Andrew Jackson was the 7th President of the United States. He would serve two presidential terms. Jackson became a famous figure because of his efforts in the war of 1812. For his time in office from 1829-1837, Jackson created many enemies and was considered a tyrant. Today not much is mentioned about Andrew Jackson. However, a picture of him has been found in most American’s pockets since 1928. The act to remove the former president has caused people to discuss why he should remain and why he might even deserve to put on the bill. This issue has also caused intensive study about this man on the 20-dollar bill. Andrew Jackson does not deserve to be on any currency and was a negative character in our nation’s history. He was a strong advocate for slavery. He removed the Native Americans from their land off…show more content…
While remaining strong in his beliefs and not backing down can be positive traits. It is Jackson inability to open his mind outside of his selfish politics that makes him a murky character in our nation’s history. Perhaps he didn’t realize his party, the Democrats, were leading the way toward Civil War by not truly making laws that were for the good of the north and south. A strong and wise leader learns when to accept that their ideas may not be the best way to guide a nation. They lead for the greater good for all involved and do not condone actions that would harm others through injustice. Andrew Jackson was an undesirable figure because of his dislike and ignorance towards Native Americans and the idea of slavery. Also his fear of the Second Bank of America kept him and his administration in the past. The country was moving on to a strong prosperous future, which required a truly democratic President who would be for all people and by all people. Harriet Tubman will be replacing Jackson on the 20 dollar bill in the next
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