The Pros And Cons Of Adolescent Rebellion

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Elizabeth Wong, born and raised in Chinatown in Los Angeles, grew up rebelling against learning Chinese and the Chinese culture. When she was in grade school, she was embarrassed because she could not do things fourth/fifth graders would normally do such as pretend to hunt ghosts or go on a search for animal bones with her friends. Instead she and her brother were forcefully dragged by their mother to Chinese school. Kids do not just grow up knowing they don’t want to take part in their heritage; it just happens. Many adolescents nowadays seem to be revolting against their heritage, causing the parents to enforce it onto them. And even when they are older and by luck, or persistence, are granted a ‘cultural divorce’, they are still surrounded by it every day causing them to feel as if they never really made a complete transition. It’s understandable that parents want their children growing up within the same cultural environment but some kids grow up believing that who they want to be, isn’t who their parents want them to be. Causing…show more content…
Pickhardt’s article “Rebel with a Cause: Rebellion in Adolescence”, where teenage rebellion plays an important part in adolescent growth, states, “Two common types of rebellion are against socially fitting in (rebellion of non-conformity) and against adult authority (rebellion of non-compliance.) In both types, rebellion attracts adult attention by offending it.” Wong attracted her mother’s attention when she kicked and screamed to get herself out of going to Chinese school, but nevertheless her mother had her mind set on having her children become accustomed to their Chinese heritage. The article also states, “The young person proudly asserts individuality from what parents like or independence of what parents want and in each case succeeds in provoking their disapproval.” Well it was obvious that Wong did not agree to be affiliated with what her mother wanted for her, resulting in Wong neglecting her Chinese
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