The Pros And Cons Of Abortion

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726 words

2016, and abortion is still being debated over. By now with all of our modern day technology and fast paced advancements, this simply should not be a subject open to changes in law. Centuries have gone by and yet this subject does not diminish. Of all genders, women should not support such oppression. Humanity and empathy are a key factor in this topic. If something causes someone a great deal of pain, in no way should it be supported. Abortion is not something to be debated over regarding changes in law, it is a human right, it is a necessity. Women should have rights by now, they have been battling for centuries. Abortion is a necessity for the following reasons, It gives women the better choice for her to be child; some women simply do …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that abortion should not be a subject open to changes in law. humanity and empathy are key factors in this topic.
  • Argues that abortions were illegal in the u.s. by 1880, yet they were still being done.
  • Explains that women determined not to carry an unwanted pregnancy have always found and will always find a way to abort.
  • Opines that no one should be forced to give birth to their abuser's child if they were taken advantage of, and taken their free will of abortion.
  • Concludes that abortion isn't something to debate over, it's a human right and necessity. it is needed to prevent millions of traumas, infections, hemorrhages and deaths.

Abortions were a high expense back in the day, which can also be argued about in present day, regarding health insurance policies. Health should not be profited off of to no certain extent. For those with no financial stability bringing a child upon this planet would be a constant struggle. Now religion and faith partake to each individual and others should not be forced to be subjected to it. Each individual has the right to free will. It is in the constitution that has been standing proper and right for millenniums, and that has helped build our country. Mistakes can happen and do happen. Unfortunately someone that is not financially prepared for a child could potentially cause the child harm by attempting to raise them. The basic reality and truth is that a child really does require more than love to flourish. There are countless studies done on unprepared pregnancies showing how it can and usually leads to children living improper and deprived …show more content…

Methods in the 1800 's included inserting coat hangers or knitting needles into the uterus and vagina, swallowing chemicals, and using drugs. The coat hanger has become a symbol throughout history showing the desperation of millions of women who have risked their lives to end pregnancy. Given all of this history on abortion being previously banned, Making abortion illegal would cause nothing but absolutely detrimental problems, as it previously has. Women have dealt with humiliation, stress, depression, severe infections, fevers, hemorrhaging, and lastly

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