The Pros And Cons Of Abortion

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In doing my research I have found that abortion seems to be always focused on the woman. The role that men play in women getting pregnant in the first place is not mentioned in the conversation. It is implied and sometimes explicitly stated that women should make better choices in terms who they have sex with, using protection etc. How about men? Shouldn’t men also make better choices in terms of choosing to engage in sexual intercourse with a woman in the first place? We need to stop focusing on women as the culprits and focus on the fact that both women and men make the choice in the first place and therefore both should be held accountable for an unplanned pregnancy. Due to men not being held accountable and being able to run away from the responsibilities of fatherhood, women may feel that an abortion is the best thing to do because they can’t support the child on their own and know the father will not be involved. This is especially true in cases of rape and incest. I am pro-choice. I have always been pro-choice but after researching this issue, my stance has been reaffirmed. My findings show that many women who get abortions do so for justifiable reasons. It should be a woman’s right to choose to terminate a pregnancy because it is her body. As stated…show more content…
Abortion should be regulated to prevent gendercide, irresponsibility and to ensure the safety of women who choose to obtain. Abortion should be regulated so that women aren’t receiving multiple abortions or aborting all their male or female children just because they don’t want a male or female child. We should also ensure credible and competent doctors are performing safe abortions so women don’t die from botched abortions. The question that remains is how do we prevent abortions that aren’t justified without infringing on a woman’s right? How do we distinguish between what is justifiable and unjustifiable, and who is that up to
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