The Pros And Cons Of Abortion

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In discussions of abortion, a controversial issue has been whether abortion is morally permissible. According to anti-abortionists, abortion is the killing of an innocent fetus and is therefore not morally permissible. According to Judith Jarvis Thomson, however, abortion is not morally wrong in most cases and she attacks the anti-abortionist argument. Therefore, they disagree on whether abortion is morally permissible or not. In this paper, I will outline the anti-abortionists argument in numbered premise-conclusion form and show which premise Thomson attacks. After that, I will summarize her thought experiments and examine whether they truly help support her point and raise two objections to her thought experiments and argument conclusion. Thomson…show more content…
This being said, the thought experiments often do not translate when you change their criteria. A perfect example of this was presented in Warren’s “Moral and Legal Status of Abortion”. In her paper, Warren tweaks the violinist experiment. In Warren’s version, you are not kidnapped, but instead you join the music lovers club whose purpose is to support violinists, who are for whatever reason more prone to getting sick, when they get sick. When you join the club you are aware that there is a possibility you will be picked to support the violinist by giving up nine months of your life to nurture him back to health. Warren also points out the disanalogy between this thought experiment and true pregnancy, namely the fact that the mother’s actions are the direct cause for the fetus coming into existence (Warren 51). Overall, it is clear to see that even minor tweaks to Thomson’s thought experiments cause them to lose much of the power that she intends to prove her argument

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