The Pros And Cons Of A Single Parent Family

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Growing up with only one parent in today’s society is not an unusual thing. For many years, children growing up in a single-parent family have been viewed as different or weird. Being raised by a single parent seems impossible for many people to comprehend, but over the decades it has become more prominent and relevant. Coming from a single-family household does not belittle your ability to be successful, but prepares you to be more emotionally stable and successful whether you have two parents or one. The matter lies in the distinction between children who are raised by a solitary parent versus children who are raised by both a mother and a father. Does a child need both parents to be successful? Does a young girl need a mother figure or vice versa? This topic has become a very interesting subject. Raising a child does not…show more content…
This reasoning is due to some extent to the developing pattern of kids conceived outside of marriage — a societal pattern that was for all intents and purposes incomprehensible decades prior. Based off an article from early this year I quote “about 4 out 10 children were born to unwed mothers. Nearly two-thirds are born to mothers under the age of 30. Of all single-parent families in the U.S., single mothers make up the majority, and according to the U.S. Census Bureau, out of about 12 million single parent families in 2015, more than 80% were headed by single mothers. Today 1 in 4 children under the age of 18 — a total of about 17.4 million — are being raised without a father and nearly half (45%) live below the poverty line. For those living with father only, about 21% live in poverty. In contrast, among children living with both parents, only 13% are counted as poor”
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