The Pros And Cons Of A Midwife

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When living in rural New Brunswick during 1950, there are two options when you are pregnant. You can either go to the hospital, which is quite a distance away but still possible to get to, or you can hire a midwife to take care of you before and during your delivery. I would choose having a midwife in the 1950s to help me with my delivery over going to the hospital and having a doctor take care of me. This paper will go through why having a midwife in 1950 would be a better form of delivery instead of taking the long road to the hospital and having a doctor deliver your baby. In 1950, a midwife was a popular career choice for women, they would stay by the bed and help you deliver your baby while keeping you calm in the comfort of your own home . A midwife takes place of a doctor in your delivery, she gets you ready to give birth, and you will get to know her over the course of your pregnancy in order for you both to be more comfortable with each other . The midwife is always more prepared for you giving birth than you are, and they treat you the same even if you are not cooperative or unprepared. However,…show more content…
I also believe that the midwife will help me continue to keep the best diet possible during the day of my labour, and days that I see her before the actual birth, she could help remind me that it is for the baby . A midwife can be trained more so than a doctor in delivering a baby and most of the time will have more experience, under the Midwives Act, in 1902, the midwife must be trained in order to actually call herself a midwife . I would also choose a midwife over a doctor because of the amount of births that are going on, there are not enough doctors to take care of them all, and with a midwife I am guaranteed to have someone to look after me during my delivery

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