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Research Question – What can teachers do in the classroom to promote positive behaviour?
“Classroom management is a broad concept that encompasses the set of behaviours and strategies that teachers use to guide student behaviour in the classroom” (Evertson & Emmer, 2013, p. 1). This research will focus on what teachers do to promote positive behaviour in the classroom as I believe that it is important that positive behaviour is reinforced within the classroom to promote a constructive learning environment for all students.
No matter how much literature and research is undergone, classroom management needs to be discovered by the teacher to suit that particular class and their needs. This is where classroom management is important for a teacher as ‘the education process, which aims to form positive behaviour on the students, starts at this point’ (Behcet, 2012, p. 2901), the beginning to shape students and gain their respect before it is too late. There is no right or wrong, but finding and creating a system that works for the teacher and the class diversity will promote a positive learning environment for all students. This then relates to my professional practice as going into a new classroom that I am not familiar with and finding a system that works for me to help promote a positive learning environment.
The purpose of this study is to determine teachers’ and students’ perspectives in relation to positive classroom management strategies. The following research questions will be addressed from both a teachers and students point of view:
1. From a teachers point of view what strategies do teachers use to promote positive classroom behaviour?
2. From a student’s point of view what can teachers do to promote positive classroom b...

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...ently completed professional practice with. By doing this before my internship, I can base my positive behaviour approaches based on my study when teaching my own class.
Ethical Research
Silverman (2013) states that ‘qualitative research inevitably involves contact with human subjects in the ‘field’, ethical problems are not usually far away’ (Silverman, 2013, p. 159). As my research study will require human interaction, ethical practice must be taken into close consideration. When collecting data confidentiality will be considered as no names or anything that will identify participant will not be exposed or recorded.
Under Charles Sturt University’s Ethic in Human Research Committee, my research was considered Minimal Risk for the participants. The Minimal Risk Checklist Form (Appendix 1) looks at the major ethical considerations of the research study conducted.
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